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I love finding odds and ends in the fridge and pantry and making a meal out of them. Fortunately the easiest meal to make with them is always a wrap!

Here’s a meal idea for a turkey farmer sausage & falafel wrap that’s 276 calories with a half a cup of coleslaw that’s 37 calories.

PLEASE REMEMBER that the calories stated apply to the brands and quantities of the ingredients I use. Please alter the calories based on the brands and quantities of ingredients you use. I calculate the calories in the recipe section of the “Lose It” app on my iPhone. Lose It is available for Android, iOS, Nook, Kindle and on the Web.


Turkey Farmer Sausage & Falafel Wrap: ONLY 276 calories

– 1 Western Family whole grain whole wheat wrap, 90 calories
– 2 balls Veggie Patch falafel (chick pea balls), 75 calories
– 1 round turkey farmer sausage (brand name unknown, I get it at Costco), 80 calories
– 1/4 c. chopped mild onion, 16 calories
– 1/4 c. cut baby corn (canned – Diamond brand) and chopped, 12 calories
– 1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce, 2 calories
– 2 shakes of Tabasco sauce (optional), 0 calories

Chop falafel balls and turkey sausage round. Begin to caramelize baby corn and onion in a non oiled or buttered non-stick pan, on a medium heat. When the onions begin to brown add Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce. Keep mixing, so it doesn’t burn, for a minute or two. Add chopped Farmer sausage round and falafel. Keep stirring until they warm. Pour onto the wrap and enjoy.


I usually make this with red bell pepper rather than baby corn, and I really liked the crunch the baby corn gave this time. If you don’t like falafel use a second round of turkey farmer sausage.

Makes 1 serving

For the recipe to the coleslaw please click here.

May your journey be delicious and company you keep inspiring and supportive!