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This past Sunday, Father’s day, I took my parents out for breakfast. We were planning on going to ABC Country Restaurant, however we arrived before 8am and the doors weren’t open yet. We weren’t sure what time they did open on Sundays because it’s the only day they serve a buffet brunch and I couldn’t find the hours posted on the door. We were in separate cars and after a brief, open car window to open car window, discussion we decided to go to Phil’s Restaurant for breakfast. When our cars were side by side at the first red light we came to my mother opened her window and asked if we could switch it to Denny’s. I said sure, it had been years since I’ve been to a Denny’s for breakfast.

As I opened up the menu I saw a lot of old fattening favorites and to my surprise I wasn’t even tempted to stray. I was happy to find that they had light fair choices on the menu with an approximate calorie count. As the menu said the choices were under 550 calories I made the assumption the actual calorie range was between 530-550.

One of these lighter fares would have been perfectly great except when I read the description of these lower calorie options most of them came with fried onions, potatoes and mushrooms. Now I love onions, potatoes and mushrooms, however it didn’t make sense to me having the extra calories of the oil. I decided to make up my own breakfast plate, which most restaurants will oblige. My breakfast of choice was two easy over eggs, 4 strips of turkey bacon, and a fruit cup rather than toast or homefries.


How I made my decision:
1)  Though chances say Denny’s doesn’t use extra large eggs, I know that 2 extra large eggs are approximately 80 calories.
2)  The pictures of the turkey bacon looked like Lilydale Day Starters turkey bacon, which are 25 calories per slice.
3)  From eating so much fruit I knew the fruit cup would be less than 100 calories.
4)  The only ting I couldn’t account for was the oil or butter used to fry my eggs, this was an after thought when I received my breakfast and realized it was cooked in butter or margarine, I think.

All in all my breakfast was maximum 450 calories, and I believe it was less, which is still less than one of the under 550 calorie options. On the drive home after breakfast it occurred to me that I could have ordered two medium or soft boiled eggs. That will be my choice the next time I have breakfast in a restaurant.

It was a great morning and a lovely father’s day. This one’s for you dad.

May your journey be delicious and the company you keep inspiring and supportive.