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I follow a fantastic food blog called Mastering The Art Of Pigging Out. Not exactly weight loss material you say! Well most of John’s recipes are not what I would call low calorie, and from ingredients alone you know they are wonderful! John is a great guy too since he doesn’t mind me going in and doing a low calorie makeover on his recipes and he’s perfectly fine with me sharing my adaptions with you.

If calorie counting is not part of your lifestyle, or even if it is, please see John’s Summer Scones: Cottage Cheese, Rosemary, Peach & Plum Scones. There are many more photos of the baking and preparation process in John’s post and you’re bound to find them helpful no matter which version of scone you make.

These tasty treats are moist compared to most scones and really delicious. They’re also 140 calories per scone. The actual calorie count is 137, however since it’s almost impossible to get each one uniform, there’s variation from scone to scone and, with that in mind, I’m rounding out the number.

I hope you find these low calorie, gluten-free scones as delicious as I do. Though delicious I am still playing with flours to get the perfect texture. There is a powdery after texture that I want to get rid of. I will update this recipe when I get exactly what I’m looking for.

PLEASE REMEMBER that the calories mentioned apply to the brands and quantities of the ingredients I use. Please alter the calories based on the brands and quantities of ingredients you use. Same brand items made in the United States, may have a different calorie content than same brand items made here in Canada, please always read the calories on the label. I calculate the calories in the recipe section of the “Lose It” app on my iPhone. Lose It is available for Android, iOS, Nook, Kindle and on the Web.


– 1 & 1/2 c. Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free all purpose flour, 600 calories
– 1/2 c Nutter’s (an Alberta chain of natural food stores) coconut flour, 120 calories
– 1/2 c. Splenda granulated formula, 48 calories
– 1 tsp El Peto gluten-free baking powder, 5 calories
– 1/4 tsp. El Peto gluten-free baking soda, 0 calories
– 1/2 tsp sea salt, 0 calories
– 4 tbsp Lucerne unsalted butter – frozen, 420 calories
– 4 tbsp Mott’s unsweetened applesauce, 29 calories
– 1/8 c (2 tbsp is the same amount) Rocky Mountain quark cheese, 22 calories
– 1/8 c Astro plain fat free yogurt, 15 calories
– 1/8 c Naturegg Simply Egg Whites, 15 calories
– 1 white peach (154 g / 5.5 oz peeled and pitted weight) – finely diced, 60 calories.
– 1 red plum (69 g / 2.5 oz peeled and pitted weight) – finely diced, 32 calories. Next time I would use two plums because the one I used was too small.

Preheat oven to 400ºF / 204ºC.

In a large bowl combine flours, Splenda, baking powder, baking soda and salt, mix well. Add cubed butter into flour mixture (I cubed the butter first thing so it wasn’t frozen solid) and use your fingers to work in butter (mixture should resemble coarse meal – please see John’s picture of the course meal with the fruit on top.).

In another bowl mix the egg whites, yogurt and quark cheese. Pour mixture into the flour and fruit mixture and combine by hand, this was my favorite part, I love playing with my food!!!

The dough will begin to form. Use your hands to press the dough against the bowl into a ball. The dough should be sticky, and may seem dry in areas, however when the dough is pressed it will  stick together, do not handle it too much.

Take a large cookie sheet and line with parchment paper. Spray parchment with Pam or another cooking spray (mind the amount you spray as the longer you spray the more calories you spray). Place the dough on the parchment and pat into a 7- to 8-inch circle about 3/4-inch thick. Use a sharp knife to cut into 10 triangles.

Use a butter knife, under each wedge, to lift and space them out on the cookie sheet, about 1 inch apart. Bake until golden, about 15 to 17 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes and serve warm or at room temperature.

Yield: 10 scones, ~140 calories each.

This was the first time I ever made scones. It won’t be the last, I have many flavor combinations  I want to try. John used fresh rosemary in his scones, I didn’t because I didn’t have any on hand. I do now and you can be sure that I will add a teaspoon of fresh chopped rosemary in the next batch.

May your journey be delicious and the company you keep inspiring and supportive.