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I had the great pleasure of having amazing company and a great lunch today at The Station restaurant in Lacombe, Alberta. I checked out their menu online prior to going to see what options they had for me when it comes to lower calorie dining.

On their menu I found that grilled chicken, grilled salmon and grilled prawns were available with all their salads. They had a steak sandwich which can easily become steak and a salad or burgers without buns and a salad works as well. In advance I decided on the Mushroom and Swiss burger. The menu mentioned that it came with fries, however, most restaurants don’t usually mind you switching out fries for salad.

Once seated and comfortable our waitress, really personable and nice, mentioned that one of the specials for the day was hamburger steak with fried onion and smothered in gravy, it came with a choice of a soup (clam chowder) or salad to start and a choice of fries or rice with the main dish. This sounded great considering I was going to order a burger anyway.

I opted to start with a salad (Italian dressing on the side), I requested that the gravy also be on the side and my friend smartly asked if seasonal vegetables were an option other than fries and rice, I was grateful (Gratitude Friday) that steamed vegetables were an option.

The Station Lacombe AB Salad

The salad was fresh and delicious. As you can see we were sitting by a window and the shadows in both photos are my hands and my iPhone snapping the pictures!


The hamburger steak was seasoned beautifully, the vegetables still lovely and crisp and the gravy was tasty, though I didn’t even put a dent in it when finished because the flavors were great without the gravy.

For my friends who can’t tolerate or don’t desire gluten I asked if the hamburger steak was gluten-free and discovered that, aside from the gravy and spice on top of the steak, it was indeed. It’s easy enough to ask them to omit the gravy and spice if you would like to try it. In checking back on the menu I can’t see hamburger steak as a selection, it truly was a special. I’m very sure they will have it again.

Eating in restaurants and losing weight is more than doable when you make conscious decisions. I realize when I eat out that I have more freedom for fun food at home, so for me dining out is about the company. It doesn’t mean that I deprive myself in restaurants, I just know the true comfort foods I love and/or any cravings I want to satisfy need to come from my kitchen.

May your journey be delicious and the company you keep inspiring and supportive.