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For someone who lives alone I have a horrible habit of over buying food when there’s a sale on an item I use. This generally isn’t a problem for anything canned, bottled or dried. I don’t do it with produce because I know better, however, it can be a problem with meat, poultry and fish.

There’s nothing worse than going for an item you want in the freezer and finding freezer burn. That happened the other day when I pulled out, what had been, a great side of wild sockeye salmon… I decided to trim it down to see what was left. After trimming it I was glad to see that it was a surface burn and hadn’t gone and deeper. There was still a whole lot of salmon to be enjoyed.


PLEASE REMEMBER that the calories mentioned apply to the brands and quantities of the ingredients I use. Please alter the calories based on the brands and quantities of ingredients you use. Same brand items made in the United States, may have a different calorie content than same brand items made here in Canada, please always read the calories on the label. I calculate the calories in the recipe section of the “Lose It” app on my iPhone. Lose It is available for Android, iOS, Nook, Kindle and on the Web.

– 418 g/15 oz. sockeye salmon, 640 calories
– 3 tsp Gourmet Garden Lemon Grass paste, 60 calories
– 1 1/2 tsp Gourmet Garden, Cilantro/Coriander paste (Cilantro & Coriander are the same herb), 10 calories. Find Gourmet Garden in your part of the world, find your country’s flag/link on the top of the page.
– 1 1/4 tsp fresh grated ginger (you can also use 3 tsp Gourmet Garden’s Ginger paste, the calories will change), 6 calories.
– 2 1/2 tsp Walden Farms (no calorie) Asian Dressing, or any other Asian dressing that you like, it adds a little sweetness and makes the pastes easily spreadable. For Walden Farms there is 0 calories in the serving I used.
NOTE: Fresh coriander/cilantro and lemon grass can be used instead of Gourmet Garden pastes, just add a little more Asian dressing to get a nice paste.

Preheat oven to 350ºF / 175ºC.

In a small bowl combine coriander paste, lemon grass paste, ginger and mix well. Add Asian dressing and combine thoroughly.

Place salmon on a piece of tinfoil that is large enough to fold over and create a packet to bake the salmon in (shiny side inwards). Cover the salmon in the paste and enclose in the tinfoil.


Place packet on a cookie sheet and bake for 15 – 25 minutes so the salmon is still moist and quite pink. This is the part that escaped me this time…


I have A.D.D. and if I don’t set a timer I get lost in something I’m doing, this time I was on the computer reading your blogs! The salmon was dry and yet I still enjoyed every morsel. I always enjoy leaving a porton or two to mash with mayonnaise as the Thai flavors make a tasty sandwich.


Yield: 4 portions, each 179 calories.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. I make it for company frequently and it doesn’t disappoint, as long as I set a timer!

May your journey be delicious and the company you keep inspiring and supportive.