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I so love dining out! It’s about being with the people I love and being social. I believe that I have way more comfort food and junk food style options at home when I’m doing the cooking. Restaurants use a lot of wasted calories in cooking oil alone. This makes me choosy.

I always try to read the menu online before going to a restaurant. I find it’s easier to make a plan and stick to it that way, at least that’s what works for me. Sometimes I even bring a packet of my own Walden Farms no calorie Italian Dressing with me. I do whatever I can to follow my calorie plan, with that said, I also need some room to have some fun. Rigidity can lead me to binge.

I really enjoy the food at Cities Gastro Pub, or… I used to enjoy it more, before I was calorie counting. The food is delicious there, I have tried so many of their dishes and you can get gluten-free fare there as well. However, with calorie counting, the small menu left a few salads, a burger or the steak sandwich which I opted for.


Doesn’t look like a steak sandwich does it? Here’s what you don’t see, the steak sandwich comes with an 8 oz Alberta Sirloin (for those who don’t know it, Alberta is steer country and we’re known for our beef) that comes with sautéed garlic mushrooms, onion crisps, creamy peppercorn sauce, garlic focaccia bread and two sides you choose.

That poor waitress, I apologized before I ordered, “the steak medium rare please. Oh and would you hold the peppercorn sauce, the onion crisps and the focaccia. Would you please ask the chef to use as little oil or butter as possible. Yes I’ll have the garlic mushrooms (that was my splurge) and for my sides may I please have a tossed salad with the dressing on the side and the steamed vegetables, thank you so much”. The lovely waitress brought some of the peppercorn sauce on the side and I asked her to please take it away or I’d eat it! I enjoy a good peppercorn sauce.

As usual the food the food at Cities was to perfection. You can eat in any restaurant and lose weight as long as you make some delicious healthy choices.

Here are a couple of other restaurants where I’ve made delicious choices and lost weight:
The Station in Lacombe, Alberta
Denny’s in Red Deer, Alberta

May your journey be delicious and the company you keep inspiring and supportive.