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Last week was a crazy week and I don’t think things will be calming down much in the near future. I know that I’ll be even busier come September. When I wrote my post this past Friday I thought it was Thursday!

I have decided to do one gratitude post this holiday morning, here in Alberta, because I will still be posting a recipe later on today – and it’s a good one!


Some days, like this past week, things go so fast that it’s challenging to take it all in. In retrospect last week is like a blur in my mind. There was so much to take in because I had to get a lot done on a time crunch. It was more than doable, however, when we’re moving quickly we don’t get time to enjoy the journey of life, the process.

This long weekend I slowed right down. My mind is clearer, there is no blur from moving too quickly. I believe that clarity is a gift, it allows me to see things from more than one perspective. When I take the time to see the bigger picture I tend to have peace of mind, because I’m not micro focused on a problem or an issue, I’m working at seeing things for what they truly are, as there is more than one way to see all things. I believe that peace of mind is the greatest gift of all and clarity is it’s gatekeeper.

May your journey be delicious and the company you keep inspiring and supportive.