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It’s that time again! I was at the bariatric clinic to weigh in this morning. I had been nervous about the weigh in this week and I really didn’t know why. I can’t say that I’ve veered off track because, counting calories, I don’t have a specific diet and there are no foods that are off limits. I’ve made my peace with food. I do have an exception and that’s Asian cuisines. I love them and they’re binge foods for me. My goal is to learn to make my favorite Asian dishes in a calorie conscious way.

What may have been bothering me, deep down, is that I have been so busy this past week that I haven’t had enough time to eat all my calories. I’ve been fighting to get them in. This can have an adverse effect on the scale. Since I am not a big believer on luck…succes has been a lady!

Great Weigh-In

I lost another three pounds this week. Last week I weighed 272.2 and this week I am at 269.0. This makes a grand total of 52 pounds shed. I am a third of the way there. I truly like the sound of that.

It is far more comfortable being in my own skin now than it was when I started this. I don’t run out of breath nearly as much as I used to. I have much more energy and my physical stamina has increased a lot. I will soon be adding in exercise, as I feel I can now handle it. The only challenge I have with exercise, at the present moment, is the torn meniscus in my knee is acting up. It will normalize again, it requires some time. Any work outs, at this time, will have to be core and upper body work.

My next weigh-in wont be until September 4th, which is four weeks from today. I would love to be in the 250s.

May your journey be delicious and the company you keep inspiring and supportive.