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While I was away in Kelowna, British Columbia I also visited ABC Country Restaurant. Though we have ABC here in Red Deer I love the food there so I was just fine eating at an ABC while I was away.

Taco salads have long been a favorite of mine. I think I’ve ordered one in every restaurant that I’ve been to where it’s a menu option. It’s true that I am a big fan of Mexican flavours, especially cumin.

I enjoyed everything about this salad, especially the presentation, isn’t it lovely?


When asked if I wanted a salad dressing or sour cream and salsa I chose salsa only. Most salsas run between 20-35 calories for 1/4 cup. Where salad dressings run 60-80 a tablespoon for a regular calorie brand. Being that I wanted a change from the dressings I had brought with me the salsa was a great healthy option.

I did eat a little of the shell, which was spicy and flavorful. I left most of it. I’m pretty sure it was deep fried, whether by the restaurant or it came to them packaged that way. When I touched it my fingers were covered in oil.

One of the things I did while I was away was go to Extra Foods, a grocery store, that was attached in a mall that was attached to the Coast Capri Hotel I was staying at. I bought a rotisserie chicken and a large mediterranean salad. This lasted three meals and was a fraction of the price of ordering the same thing in restaurants. I was fortunate that rooms had a small fridge that I could store food in.

The Old Spaghetti Factory, Kelowna, British Columbia
Denny’s, Red Deer, Alberta

It’s my personal goal to make weight loss and weight maintenance deliciously easy for you and me. May your journey be scrumptious and the company you keep inspiring and supportive.