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Even though I tried to write this post at 9am, here I am at almost 1pm and it’s still not done. Yes life has been more than busy, which is why I am sitting here with a cup of cinnamon coffee, decaf! I only drink decaf.


I’ve just taken three long deep breaths and I feel the tension leave my body. I take a sip of coffee and savor the cinnamon. I am definitely grateful for the opportunity to take a couple of relaxing minutes out for me.

Something about having a cup of coffee in front of me reminds me to just breathe. To stop, to slow down. I need to do that to gain clarity. There is no clarity when my mind is in a whirlwind. Yet when  I have that cup of coffee in front of me and I relax, I am reminded of my spirit. For me it’s a form of getting back in touch with my spirit.

In these moments I am reminded that all is well, and that I am here NOW. There is only this moment and that’s all I need experience.

Tonight I begin hosting a monthly women’s group at the Centre for Spiritual Living Red Deer. The group is called Soul to Soul, Women Inspiring Women. This is group with a message of being and keeping positive, the topic tonight is Hopes and Dreams. If you are in Red Deer or Central Alberta and care to join us, we will be meeting at 7pm. You can find the address for the Centre in the link above.

It’s my personal and spiritual goal to make weight loss and weight maintenance deliciously easy for you and me. May your journey be scrumptious and the company you keep inspiring and supportive.