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I am not a breakfast person. Almost every morning my breakfast is a banana. Saturdays are the only morning I can take my time and make a fun breakfast. This past Saturday I was in the mood for some chocolatey delicious fun…for the 17 year old of course…yeah right! Let it be known, just for the record, that dieters pushing 50 years old need treats and probably will still need them at 70.

I saw and adapted this recipe for Oreo Cookie Pancakes from the Minimalist Baker’s blog. The previous links will take you to their blog’s home page and their original recipe, please do check it out because the full calorie version looks oh so tempting.

PLEASE REMEMBER that the calories mentioned apply to the brands and quantities of the ingredients I use. Please alter the calories based on the brands and quantities of ingredients you use. Same brand items made in the United States, may have a different calorie content than same brand items made here in Canada, please always read the calories on the label. I calculate the calories in the recipe section of the “Lose It” app on my iPhone. Lose It is available for Android, iOS, Nook, Kindle and on the Web.


The above picture is 1/4 of the recipe sitting on a bread plate, my breakfast.

– 37 g./~1.3 oz. Bob’s Red Mill Pancake Mix, 123 calories
– 1/4 c. Cloud 9 Gluten-free All Purpose Flour, 135 calories,
– 1/8 c. or 2 tbsp. Oreo Cookie Crumbs, 53 calories
– 1/8 c. or 2 tbsp. Hershey’s Cocoa Powder, 20 calories
– 1 tsp. El Peto, gluten & aluminum free baking powder, 5 calories
– 1/8 c. or 2 tbsp. Granulated Splenda, 12 calories
– 1/2 c. So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk, 22 calories
– 1 tbsp. Naturegg Simply Egg Whites, 8 calories
– 1 tbsp. Mott’s Unsweetened Applesauce, 8 calories
– 1/2 tsp. Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract, 6 calories

– 1/2 c. Dairyland Fat Free Cottage Cheese, 90 calories
– 1 tbsp. So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk, 3 calories
– 2 tsp. brown sugar, 35 calories
– 2 tbsp. Granulated Splenda, 12 calories
– 1/4 tsp. Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract, 3 calories


The above picture is 3/4 of the recipe sitting on a dinner plate, the 17 year old’s breakfast. Half the recipe (2 pancakes) is perfect for a serving and is what the calories are calculated on.

In a large mixing bowl combine the flour, pancake mix, Oreo Crumbs, cocoa, baking powder and Splenda.

In a small bowl whisk together coconut milk, egg white, applesauce and vanilla. Place mixture into the dry ingredient bowl and whisk together to form batter. Put aside for now to make filling.

In a Magic Bullet or blender, I use my Bullet, combine cottage cheese, coconut milk, brown sugar, Splenda and vanilla. Combine until smooth and creamy.

Spray a large fry pan with PAM or another cooking spray, I use PAM butter flavor, and place on a burner using medium-low heat. I used a medium heat and the pancakes cooked to quickly and burned too easily.

Make two pancakes from half of the batter. The batter being thick I had to spread it out with the back of my spoon. I didn’t get any bubbles coming to the top of the batter. I am hoping you may on a lower heat. The batter cooks up much quicker than regular pancake batter so please stay with them while they’re cooking.

Re-spray the pan with a cooking spray in between batches.

Yield: 2 servings, each consisting of 2 pancakes and half the filling. Each serving is 268 calories.


I didn’t use any pancake syrup and the 17 year old did. This was a great breakfast and it would make a pretty tasty dessert too!

You may have noticed that I have started using more Splenda again, as opposed to only using stevia, in my sweeter recipes. I am very used to the stevia after taste, so much so that I don’t taste it anymore, however others aren’t used to it. I really dislike all the chemicals in Splenda and Truvia isn’t a pure enough form of stevia for my liking. Xylitol is also a great option for diabetics because it won’t cause a sugar spike in the blood, unfortunately it has the same amount of calories as white sugar. I will try to use stevia as much as possible, especially when baking for myself only.

It’s my personal goal to make weight loss and weight maintenance deliciously easy for you and me. May your journey be scrumptious and the company you keep inspiring and supportive.