About Vicki

Growing up in Montreal, there were two factors that contributed to Vicki’s life today; she was artistically and creatively inclined and people would come to her to discuss their problems. Oddly enough throughout Vicki’s life complete strangers would tell her intimate details about themselves that most people wouldn’t say to someone unknown to them. It seemed natural that Vicki chose the world of hairdressing and fashion through which to work with people and express herself.

At the age of 26, Vicki sought counseling to help her overcome being sexually abused. It was through working with her therapist that she decided to become a psychotherapist. Living in Vancouver she went on to do two years of her B.A. in Psychology.

Vicki, already strong in her spirituality, had an amazing experience while visiting friends in Toronto. Staring into nature she felt completely connected to everything around her. She realized that she needed to move to Toronto to begin the next phase of her life. There Vicki enrolled at the Transformational Arts College which offered a course in Spiritual Psychotherapy; combining her two passions.

Vicki has her diploma in Spiritual Psychotherapy and is Registered In Human Relations with the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners.

Vicki is currently in private practice in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. She enjoys playing with Mitzi, her Miniature Schnauzer, reading self-help and spiritual books, painting with oils and being a computer nerd. Vicki struggles to balance her passion for cooking with her life long weight challenge.